The Carabuild Management Team

Leading Carabuild’s highly skilled team are husband and wife duo Dana & Zane Butler with a combined 33 years experience in the industry. Both Dana & Zane offer the Business a unique and diverse set of skills and view Carabuild as an extension to their family meaning they work tirelessly to ensure its continued success. Our attention to detail, final finishing processes and emphasis on quality make Carabuild the right choice for your leisure home and lodge requirements.

Dana Butler
Dana ButlerDirector of Business & Quality
Zane Butler
Zane ButlerDirector of Design, Production & Sales

The Carabuild Team

Our team are at the heart of our Business and each and every one work incredibly hard to contribute to the overall success of Carabuild Leisure Homes. Our work force are positive, highly skilled, experienced and incredible! We are very grateful to have such a fantastic team.